A new OTT service will be launched in Hungary on October 1.

Known as ITT/OTT TV, it will be operated by the cable company EuroCable Magyarország.

Speaking exclusively to Broadband TV News, Tamás Pataki, the company’s founder and head of marketing, said that it had been established in 2006 and currently has a combined total of 14,000 analogue and digital TV subscribers. It also offers broadband and VoIP services.

Pataki added that the company’s OTT service has been two years in the making and will initially offer viewers 30 channels, in two packages costing HUF700 (10 channels) and HUF2,600 (18 channels respectively.

However, it has enough capacity for 60 and 10 more, local and regional, channels will be added in due course. Furthermore, negotiations are still taking place to secure channels for EBS and small packages.

EuroCable Magyarország will use its own conditional access for ITT/OTT TV, which will target vierwers who do not have an existing linear subscriptions. It aims to make the service profitable in five years.

Asked about the now expected arrival of Netflix in Hungary, Pataki said the US service was “an unstoppable movement” and that Hungary would be a “very tough market” for OTT until the vast majority of people will be willing to pay for services.