MTG – the Mordern Times Group – has launched a new brand. As part of the rebrand, MTG is also renaming its broadcasting operations in London to MTG from Viasat, and its international wholesale channel business from Viasat World to MTG World.

“Today MTG launches a new corporate identity and core values, complemented by a new logo and graphical profile. By doing this, we are aligning our business goals with our ambition to be a group that delivers outstanding results by focusing on our employees and empowering them in their work,” the company said in a statement.

“Our new values and culture are designed to provide our people with a fun and engaging environment. Simultaneously, our goal is also to offer all our employees across the world the support and structure they need to make smart choices and do bold things that fuel our growth,” said Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, MTG president and CEO.

“Our new identity and values are there to inspire and guide us, every day. It’s important to not only understand the values we need to succeed, but to make sure that the whole organization lives those values. We need to have a healthy balance between working hard and having fun together while we do it. Our new logo is a bold step in this direction, and its open and playful design reflects the digital entertainment company we are today.”