SatLink teams up with Pi Telecom for TV everywhere solution
Rebecca Hawkes
| 01 October 2014
SatLink Communications has joined forces with Pi Telecom to deliver online TV via IP, through a new end-to-end over-the-top (OTT) cloud-based platform.

The solution is aimed at broadcasters and multichannel TV operators who wish to provide everywhere TV using a fast to deploy, pay-per-service model removing the need to create their own OTT network.

"Through this exciting partnership with Pi Telecom we aim to offer online all the benefits of traditional television in the best possible format. The user-friendly and unique platform, which can be deployed immediately and easily by those with the extensive experience and knowledge to make it work, means the broadcaster can focus on the longer term development of the channel and business," said David Hochner, CEO, SatLink Communications.

The OTT cloud platform offers what the Israeli companies' term "a full telco grade broadcasting experience" from the aggregation of global TV channels, through to the transcoding, live content streaming, a video-on-demand library, management tools and creation of new feeds.

Broadcasters and operators also have the option to distribute set-top boxes to increase their profit, through innovative monetisation features.

"In today's competitive environment, subscribers want the ability to access their favourite TV content wherever they are and whenever they want. The OTT platform allows broadcasters to develop a direct relationship with the subscriber and generate new revenue from its content," said Arie Aig, CEO, Pi Telecom.

"It is now possible, for example, for broadcasters to create a virtual channel with dedicated content to niche audiences via the cloud at lower cost, which presents them with the opportunity to re-utilise old content and take advantage of additional commercial opportunities through advertising."