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Thread: Eastern DTH 76.5?EAST APSTAR 2R

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    Eastern DTH 76.5?EAST APSTAR 2R

    does anyone have the keys to this??
    ident:00 e0 00

    I tried the previous keys, but they don't seem to work.

    bird is t5, 97 west, provider seems to be cskyn@t

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    Re: Eastern DTH 76.5?EAST APSTAR 2R

    Hi, This seems to be the bird you're looking for :

    http://w* Paste in you're browser & replace (*).

    Telstar 10 @ 76.5 East. You seem to be confused whether it's East or West.

    Have a look and see which Provider you're after, then some one will be able to help.

    However it only seems to be beaming into China/Asia.
    Perhaps that's why it doesn't work???

    Kindest Regards, Bill.:-O B-)

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    Re: Eastern DTH 76.5?EAST APSTAR 2R

    hi, the bird is actually t5 on my receiver, but lyngsat calls it intelstat americas 5. Its 97 west, which is beamed to north america.

    but thanks for your info anyways.

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    Talking Re: Eastern DTH 76.5?EAST APSTAR 2R

    Hi, Rcd you e-mail And,
    At the risk of being called facetious, I must point out that you have totally confused the issue as to which Sat. and Provider you are looking for.
    You've been quoting East & West as if they were the same. Heaven's, they're almost half a planet apart. On top of that there is a vast difference between 67.5 & 97 Deg.
    Assuming that you have now found the right Sat. at 97.0W listed in Lyngsat here:


    I cannot see the provider you mentioned listed there.
    Things do change and the Sat. info in your STB is more than likely out of date.
    You will have to use the latest Parameters by either a download or entered manually for Transponder frequencies and symbol rates. This should get you going as I see many are FTA (Free To Air). Where you see "F", that means FTA.
    I hope that you are not oblivious to the fact that you need a dish & LNB to point at that Sat. within less than one Degree. You're pointing at a Sat. about the size of a refrigerator that's in geo-stationary orbit about 36,000 Kms above the equator!!!!
    I hope this gets you on the right track & that a little more reading will solve your problem.
    Kindest Regards, Bill & the FF Team. ;-P |-O

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    Re: Eastern DTH 76.5?EAST APSTAR 2R

    hi...just to let you know, i do know the diff b/w e and west. I have stated , and aways maintained, the bird i am looking for is t5 (97west) as that is what is called on my receiver. Lyngsat has it listed as IA5, and that is confirmed b/c i have some of the IA5 channels. In addition, i have it between 91 and 110 west, the two other birdes i enjoy. The provider number on my receiver for the channnels i want to see is 00 e0 00. which acording to this website is eastern dth. Maybe that why you think i am confused on the whole e/w isssue. I did not know what else is call this thread, maybe i should have called it t5/ia5. I used the name i used b/c that seems to be the one listed here with that identification number.

    hope that clears up my question confusion :)


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