UPC Hungary has provided a progress report on its UPC TV Apps service, which was launched on May 20.

According to Gábor Szekendy, it can now be received by the 200,000 of the operator’s subscribers who have a HD set-top box.

It has been tried by 126,000 of these, with 97,000 doing so twice or more, and there have been 2 million accesses to date.

The top apps are YouTube (overwhelmingly), followed by Origo (Hungarian news), Mood Lounge and BeachBoat.

Statistics from last month (September) showed that visitors on average spent 45 minutes per session.

Szekendy said that the operator plans to increase the number of apps from the current 22 and include ones such as Facebook, Twitter and Deezer.

It also wants to make UPC TV Apps available to a further 250,000 subscribers by the end of the year and introduce the service to other countries.