The EBU has added its name to a broad coalition of stakeholders urging the Council of Ministers to deliver a clear and robust net neutrality framework.

The Union says that With discussions on the Single Telecoms Package reaching a crucial stage in the Council of Ministers, the EBU and other like mind associations have sent EU Member State Ambassadors an open letter requesting EU-wide rules to ensure that users, not ISPs, decide what applications and content they use, and enable entrepreneurs to market their services across the EU.

According to the EBU, the organisations “all believe that consumers and citizens across Europe must enjoy unfettered access to the Internet, independently of the content, services and applications they decide to use. The net neutrality principle enables everyone, including innovators and entrepreneurs to communicate with everyone, both in Europe and globally. Net neutrality is indispensable for innovation and growth, and for the fundamental right to receive and impart information and for investment in next generation broadband”.

Other signatories of the open letter include Access, European Digital Rights (EDRi), OpenForum Europe and Voice on the Net Coalition (VONEurope).