The Russian DTH platform Tricolor TV has entered into a partnership with Amedia TV.

Under the terms of the contract between the two parties, the latter’s three channels – Amedia 1, Amedia 2 and Amedia Premium – will be available in Tricolor TV’s basic packages over the next two months.

Subscribers to Super Optimum, Maximum HD and Super Max HD can now receive Amedia 1, which offers foreign TV shows and movies, and Russian-focused Amedia 2.

Meanwhile, in the holiday period from October 31 until November 4 all Tricolor TV subscribers will be offered Amedia Premium free of charge, after which they will be able to receive the channel for R99 (€1.98) a month or R900 a year.

Tricolor TV claims to have 15 million subscribers nationally. According to Mikhail Goryatsev, its content director, packaging premium packages is now a priority for the platform.