A number of video apps created by Opera TV Snap technology have been launched on Amazon Fire TV.

Especially chosen for their diverse range of content, including motoring, music, travel, celebrity gossip, extreme sports and the great outdoors, the apps in question – Cops, The North Face, Young Hollywood, FashionTV, Green.TV, GTChannel, ArrivalTV, Mahogany, Outside Television and EpicTV – will be joined by others in the future.

According to Opera TV, the launch of these apps on Amazon Fire TV positions it for the first time as an app publisher for other TV application platforms. This brings the potential for content providers to significantly increase their audience reach when generating apps via Opera TV Snap, in addition to distributing their apps via the major manufacturers and pay-TV operators already offering the Opera TV Store.

Steve Rabuchin, VP, Amazon Appstore, said: “We’re thrilled to provide customers with new and innovative Opera TV Snap apps on Amazon Fire TV.

“With the Opera TV Snap technology, we’re able to offer our customers incredibly diverse video content across a wide range of categories.”

Aneesh Rajaram, senior VP for TV & Devices, Opera Software, added: “Opera Software has always heralded Opera TV Snap as the fastest way for video content owners to reach millions of new viewers across the globe, and that has been proven yet again with the launch of Opera TV Snap apps on Amazon Fire TV.”