Telestream takes transcoding, workflow solution to Amazon cloud
| 03 October 2014
Video solutions provider Telestream has launched a new service that provides a transcoding and file-based workflow automation for Amazon Web Services (AWS) based on AWS Marketplace.

The new Vantage Cloud Subscriptions offering is an extension of the company's existing, on-premise Vantage transcoding solution and is designed to provide discretionary capacity for managing demand peaks, prototyping new concepts, and deploying cloud-based media services. Transcoding farms can be purpose-built and collocated with content libraries stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Telestream claims that by provisioning complete Vantage domains on AWS, media organisations can create new products and services on a global scale with virtually limitless capacity. It adds that users can save many weeks' work compared with what would be required to manually build and test an equivalent workflow locally. In addition, since redundancy is built into AWS, disaster recovery can be provisioned when needed, as opposed to requiring a separate building with its own inherent maintenance and staff to keep software current and synced.

Vantage Virtual Domains are provisioned in Virtual Private Clouds, within an AWS account for security purposes. Access to the content and the domain is protected by the security provided by AWS.

"For customers currently utilising or considering secure storage on AWS, Vantage Cloud Subscriptions are a great way to process the media in the cloud and turn what traditionally would have been a capital expense into an operating expense," explained Telestream VP of enterprise product management Paul Turner. "The near limitless scalability goes both ways, as users can pause or shutdown servers the moment they are no longer required, creating a true on-demand service for themselves and their customers."

Vantage Virtual Domains can be scaled from a few to hundreds of servers and are provisioned in as little as 15 minutes using AWS. Pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go model for each instance of a virtual Vantage domain or transcode server. "We are very pleased that Telestream is bringing Vantage Cloud Subscriptions to AWS Marketplace," said Barry Russell, head of business development for AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services. "Customers can quickly and easily launch Vantage Cloud Subscriptions from AWS Marketplace and gain access to effective transcoding and file-based workflow automation tools."