Pay-TV least popular option for Spanish telco subs
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 04 October 2014
With 22% penetration in Spanish homes, pay-TV is far from reaching the figures of other telecom services such as the Internet (70%) or mobile phones (95%).
ontsiMany reasons have been given in the past for the low penetration, but now a report suggests dissatisfaction may be behind pay-TV's low profile in Spain.

According to research carried out by the Observatorio Nacional de las Telecomunicaciones (ONTSI), just 49.1% of pay-TV subscribers are satisfied with their service, while the figure nears 60% when it comes to satisfaction with mobile, fixed and Internet services. The general figures show that the Spanish spent almost 3,000 million on telecom services during Q1 2014, 41% of which was for mobile services, 25% for the Internet and 9% for pay-TV.

The penetration figures also point to a society that spends more time online, with 73.8% of population having used the Internet lately and 30 million people over 10 years old who have connected at least once in their lives. Mobile phones are the most-used service, with 87.8% of Spanish people using their mobile daily and 34.6 million active lines.

Pay-TV indicators appear again when it comes to triple and quad play packages, with TV services through cable or satellite present in almost 12% of the packaged offers in Spain. The average expenditure in pay-TV has also decreased, showing 28.3 per subscription a month.

But this doesn't seem to mean Spanish people don't like TV, because a TV screen is actually the most common device at home. A TFT/plasma screen is present in 80.5% of homes, followed by computers with 79.5%.