Dutch public broadcaster NPO will launch a brand new version of its combined live TV and catch-up app on October 18.

The app is expanded with audio synchronisation using watermarking. This means that the app receives the exact timestamp of the first screen, using this to synchronise the app to the first screen.

Therefore, both screens are perfectly synchronised, no matter what the delay of the first screen is, offering possibilities for the users, programme makers and advertisers.

The NPO app, which was developed by Hilversum-based Stoneroos, and is using watermarking from Civolution, brings together a number of functionalities in a single app.

Originally launched in September 2013, this is already one of the most advanced apps available combining live streaming of all national NPO TV channels and radio stations, the catch-up TV service Uitzending Gemist as well as an extended EPG.

Using audio synch, the app now also adds second screen functionalities when the viewer is watching a NPO channel on the main TV set, allowing viewers to participate in real-time with live TV programmes on their TV set using the App as a second screen.

“In the live broadcast signal of the NPO channels, Civolution’s watermark technology is integrated. This watermark contains a timestamp, which is being picked up by the NPO app,” explained Stoneroos.

The app has simultaneous access to multiple sources including direct and live access to the play out centre to extract relevant EPG information and present the best possible information on the iPad screen including pictures. This technique also give the app direct access all commercials and trailers broadcast on the NPO channels allowing advertisers to offer additional information, special deals and calls for action on the second screen – completely in synch with the commercial aired.

“The timestamp and the broadcast signal will then be compared and the right screen will be formed in the app. Enriched EPGdata, second screen applications, websites, social media, related on-demand content, information about the (next) programme, etc.; all this information is being connected to each other and processed into a very organised and clear screen. By picking up the exact timestamp trough audio synchronisation, the app is exactly in sync with the first screen. Ideal to develop second screen features, like play along games.”

The new NPO app was demonstrated by Stoneroos and Civolution during this year’s IBC and will be introduced on October 18 during the Night of popmusic on NPO 3.