ORF is going to shut down the system CryptoWorks

Released: October 6, 2014 09:58 Yesterday

Austrian ORF public informed about the plans off coding programs obsolete conditional access system CryptoWorks on Astra 19.2 E. Aimed at preventing further emulation, used by pirates and Sharing cards.

New programs ORF Digital - regional ORF 2 HD and thematic HD station ORF III and ORF Sport HD will therefore be encoded only newer coding systems. After the shutdown ends CryptoWorks pirated receiving station ORF.

The next year, wants to shut down ORF Cryptoworks ORF at stations on the Digital Astra (19,2 E). Stop the illegal income of their programs without the use of decoder cards - through the so-called. Emulation (EMU).

"" Turning the coding system CryptoWorks on all transponders ORF is scheduled for next year, "" said the head of marketing and communications firm ORS, Gernot Radosits.

Emulation refers to a station ORF eins and ORF 2 in HD quality. ORF III and ORF Sport + HD, which will begin October 25, 2014, will not be available pirated - from the beginning will avoid illegal income.

"" For new stations, which are distributed to the transponder number 5 will use only the new coding system ', "said Radosits.