RevMob updates SDK for mobile, video ads
Michelle Clancy
| 08 October 2014
The RevMob mobile ad platform for global publishers, developers and advertisers has announced an updated software development kit (SDK) featuring rich media and video advertising capabilities, as well as enhanced algorithms for targeted user acquisition.

"In addition to offering one of the highest eCPMs in the industry, RevMob continues to enhance its value to publishers and developers with a new SDK that offers additional functionality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness," said Pedro Jahara, CEO of RevMob. "The new SDK is part of our mission to provide the market the best tools available to create impactful campaigns that achieve results."

The RevMob SDK now features rich media capabilities for iOS and Android devices that enable the integration of a variety of mobile ad imagery, on-screen movement and interactive elements that capture the user's attention for better conversion rates.

Ads can appear from any side of the screen, or expand, float and fade, creating movement and surprise that increases user engagement. For example, users can swipe their screen to see a potential car purchase in their favourite colour, interact with on-screen animation, tap for close-up views of products or for more details, and control a 360-view of a 3D product representation.

Advertisers can upload their rich media content on RevMob's self-service dashboard, or upload video files for iOS devices with the SDK.

In addition, the RevMob SDK update offers an updated algorithm for both iOS and Android devices that evaluates user profiles for increased user acquisition rates and retention.