Wyplay has unveiled the structure of its Frog Community, now totalling 70 Licensee companies, amongst which 24 are technology services firms.

Thanks to these scaling partners, Wyplay can multiply its own 200-strong team for the further development and deployment of its Frog Solution with 8,500 more people.

“With the Frog Community, operators now benefit from a very significant pool of experts in the digital TV software development and integration domains to meet their demands for greater speed to market in the implementation of their convergent TV services projects on the Set-Top-Box and Backend sides of their operations,” the company said in a statement.

“Within the Frog ecosystem, operators may choose any Frog Licensee as their implementation partner, including Wyplay itself or any of its Scaling Partners, with the guarantee that features scope, deadlines and budgets will be successfully met.

“The Frog Scaling partners represent a vast array of skills, geographical reach and proximity to operators. They range from IT powerhouses operating on a global or regional scale; to system integrators specialised in digital TV; and specialist outfits with domain expertise in select areas like multiscreen user interfaces, hardware porting or content security.”