Richie Jen named as Top Gear China host ahead of November premiere
Rebecca Hawkes
| 09 October 2014
Actor, singer and professional racer Ren Xianqi (Richie Jen), TV host Cheng Lei, and Olympic diving gold medalist and actor Tian Liang have been unveiled as the Chinese hosts for the BBC's Top Gear.

Top Gear China, which premieres on Shanghai Dragon TV and on over-the-top (OTT) platform, on 5 November 2014, will mirror what the BBC calls the show's "irreverent humour and camaraderie between the three presenters, epic races, outrageous stunts and challenges, unique celebrity guest participation and eccentric methods of testing cars".

Pierre Cheung, VP and GM, BBC Worldwide, Greater China, said: "With Honyee Media, we are going to create a high-powered show that, like the original, will keep viewers of all ages clutching the edge of their seats."

Mier Ai, CEO, Honyee Media, added: "We are very excited about the three hosts. We are confident that our audiences will enjoy the adventures they embark on together [and] will get up to together. They share an undoubtedly special chemistry."

The BBC claims Shanghai Dragon TV is the third most watched satellite broadcaster (as of Q1, 2014), while is China's most popular online video portal recording over 345 million desktop users and over 127 million mobile users per month.