Specific Media integrates movie-going, mobile data sets for digital advertising
Michelle Clancy
| 09 October 2014
Specific Media has expanded its multi-year strategic collaboration with Nielsen to integrate additional sets of audience and segmentation data into its digital advertising offerings.

For one, the Nielsen Movie Audience Segments have been developed specifically for film studios, built from Nielsen's annual Moviegoing Report. It allows advertisers to identify and connect to movie fans ages 12-74 based on key movie viewing behaviours, such as by movie category (eg, horror, action, drama), frequency (Friday-night premiere attendees, avid movie-goers) and past film titles.

Specific Media is also the first Nielsen beta media participant for the Nielsen TV Audience Segments for Mobile, which integrates Nielsen National People Meter Panel and Online Panel behavioural data.

"By tapping into Nielsen's leading data-driven insights and newest cross-screen consumer segmentation, we can offer our clients access to behavioural data across a wide range of activities and product categories," said Vic Catalfamo, vice president of global strategic partnerships at Specific Media. "Launching a granular marketing capability around film-goers is the latest result of a long-standing relationship with Nielsen to meet advertisers' evolving needs and fulfil their quest for advanced vertical-specific solutions, such as the movie industry."

"Marketers are increasingly looking to build smarter cross-screen campaigns through precision marketing," added Andrew Feigenson, managing director for digital client services at Nielsen. "We're pleased to continue working with Specific Media to bring to the market unique solutions that help advertisers better reach their key customers by connecting offline to digital."