Hello all!

I Just started off to buy a dreambox DM800HD SE, I had before a DV8800 HD PVR i think which works fine but i needed a new one. So it started by i had to choose some hotbirds or thor and something like that and for some reason i couldnt get my channels on it so somehow i looked it up in google and had to change a satelittes.xlm file which i did and after i rebooted it asked to upgrade a firmware which I did and it just didnt boot anymore, it came up to 50% and shutted down. So i had to flash it which I did but now im getting a No CA found... So i downlodaded things like Optiflash, NCF, Dreamup and it cant find the dreambox. I have internet cable on it + USB from computer to dreambox aswell and im kinda new at this so i really need help to get it work. so please help me out!