Telefónica Studios offers 27 movies in one year
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 10 October 2014
Almost a year months Telefónica decided to re-launch its production divisions and unify its brands into Telefónica Studios, the telco has already participated in 27 movies in Spain and Latin America.

telefonicastudioScoring high spectator rates—such as the recently premiered Torrente 5 which has reached half a million viewers in one week on Spain's cinemas, Telefónica Studios has still 12 productions pending on premiering this year.

The telco's division has been producing mostly for Spain and Argentina, although it's planning to extend its activity through Europe and the rest of Latin America in 2015. The production house has participated in titles such as Futbolín, Kamikaze, Una Noche en el Viejo México, El Ardor or Grand Piano, which have gathered over 21 million viewers across the Spanish-speaking markets.

Among the forthcoming films into which Telefónica has taken part there is the second Tadeo Jones movie -with the first one having conquered Latin American audiences-; Regression, Alejandro Amenábar's latest movie starring Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke; Telefé's co-production Relatos Salvajes; or Anacleto, Agente Secreto, starring Imanol Arias.

"More than ever the audience is looking for high quality entertainment and we know we are in a privileged position to offer it," explained Axel Kuschevazky, Telefónica Studios' director. "But we are not only mere financial backers, we like to get involve in the creative process and contribute to build original productions."