Akado criticises rental high fees

October 13, 2014 10.48 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul
The Russian cable operator Akado Telekom has complained to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) over what it sees as excessive fees charged by the Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS).

According to Vedomosti, MGTS, as of mid-2013, was estimated to control 8,700km, or around half, of the length of the city’s sewerage system.

In its complaint, Akado says that MGTS’s revenues from renting its ducts in 2013 amounted to just under R4.49 billion (€87.9 million), which was significantly more than what it obtained from leasing its sewerage system.

Akado Telekom claimed over one million cable TV customers as of late 2013, while its broadband customer total stood at 714,000.