Normally i use my 2 dboxes for digital satellite tv but i have here an old General Satellite FTA 6900 S Hardware 10-011 !! Is there any Software to tune it up to receive stations crypted in nagra2 like D+ and Premiere ??? Have a Firmware with EMU from 27.Sept.2006 but in the Keyeditor i have onlx 16 parts for key´s but for D+ are 32 needed. Sorry, my english is not the best but i hope somebody understand my problem.

I find here some bin-files but to upload into the GS FTA 6900 with the programm "Burner" are other files needed. How can i flash this bin-files zo my receiver.

Dbox 2 are my favorites but in understanding GS FTA 6900 i´m an absloute noob !!! Can anybody help ??