PlayBox playout elevations at Mongol TV
Rebecca Hawkes
| 16 October 2014
Mongol TV has upgraded its PlayBox content playout servers and streaming software at its headquarters in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaator.

"Two AirBox servers in main and redundant configuration have been performing successfully at Mongol TV right from the network's commencement in 2008," said Iulian Ionescu, regional sales director, PlayBox Technology APAC.

"These have been replaced with the latest versions which provide extra features such as automatic control over the on-air playlist. This is particularly appreciated by the station's staff as it reduces the level of human intervention required."

Airbox highlights a new feature integrated into the system at Mongol TV called its multi parallel output (MPO) which can be used to deliver HD-SDI, SD-SDI with real-time rescaling, and IP streaming, or output H.264 (MPEG-4) plus MPEG-2 at the same time.

All changes to the AirBox playlist can be made while the broadcaster is on-air. Every listed clip except the one that is currently playing can be trimmed, edited or repositioned.

Mongol TV broadcasts nationwide and to the neighbouring countries of China, India, Kazakhstan, Korea and Russia, via the APSTAR satellite and the DDish network.