Pay-TV due to launch 4K in a major way
Michelle Clancy
| 16 October 2014
While significant obstacles remain to the 4K market, at least one researcher is bullish on its outlook: 46 million households worldwide will subscribe to an UltraHD pay-TV service by 2018, according to Parks Associates.

Parks Associates expects that more pay-TV providers will deploy the service as a differentiator, especially to woo younger consumers who are more likely to use new pay-TV features, such as TV everywhere and cloud DVR.

This will be more and more important, considering that these same Millennials also have slightly lower subscription rates for pay-TV services. In the US, 82% of consumers 18-22 have a pay-TV subscription, compared to 87% among older consumers.

"To enjoy the true benefits of 4K, three things need to be present: the television, the content and a way to get the content to the TV," said Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates. "4K can deliver an enhanced experience to viewers, but these three factors are not yet aligned. Getting 4K content to the TV remains a key challenge as is the pace of production of 4K content."