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Thread: Vantage X221 S: How to edit satellites?

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    Vantage X221 S: How to edit satellites?


    I'm the new guy .

    Some years ago I bought the Vantage X221 S satellite receiver as it was recommended due to it's blind scan capabilities.

    It turned out, that it is horrible to use with my USALS motor (compared with my MUCH older Topfield 5000 CI). The menues are extremely unhandy and not logically built up.

    Also I was not able to add a new satellite somewhere, as the Amos 5 on 17° E seems to be missing. I tried to use "Satellite 1" from the list instead, but did not find any possibility to change the of the sat name or the transponders.
    My firmware is 0063A-O dated Sep20 2009.
    My attempts to connect the receiver with the serial port of my PC also failed, as the "channel editor V 2.3" software could not stablish a connection with the computer. (With the topfield it always works perfect).

    Is there anybody out there who has been successful in using this receiver with a USALS setup AND editing satellites?



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    Checked diagram RS232 cable
    2 ----> 3
    3 -----> 2
    5 ------> 5
    7 -----> 8
    8 ------ 7
    then send the file VANTAGE X221S_Ch_liste.rar
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