National Geographic brings The Raft on board

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 17 October 2014

Multimedia entertainment studio Electus has sold The Raft to National Geographic Channel in the US.

The Raft follows two separate, two-man rafts as they fight the harshest of ocean conditions in an attempt to stay alive. If one raft occupant wants to quit, the adventure is over for the both of them.

"The concept of being stranded at sea is filled with mystery and danger and water is a global landscape that hasn't yet been truly explored," said Corie Henson, EVP of unscripted TV for Electus. "The Raft is a social experiment that looks at what people will do when they are pushed to the limit."

National Geographic Channel is also airing another Electus show, Southern Justice, which explores the work of law enforcement agencies in Sullivan County and Ashe County, headed up by Sheriff Wayne Anderson and Sheriff James Williams, respectively.