TiVo teams with HSN to offer interactive shopping

DetailsEditor | 16 October 2014

PVR pioneer TiVo is hoping to crack the almost two-decade old problem of establish a viable T-commerce offering in a partnership with entertainment and lifestyle retailer HSN.

tivo2The two companies have announced Shop By Remote, an interactive shopping experience with which TiVo users can now shop for products featured on HSN shows. Located within the Apps & Games menu on TiVo Central, users can visit the HSN app to view and purchase recently featured items or browse HSN's catalogue of more than 40,000 products. Everything from home décor to jewellery and electronics are now available to all TiVo users.

"TiVo understands that consumers have come to expect more from their television viewing experience - they expect valuable content, delivered conveniently and easily on one platform. By partnering with HSN, TiVo is doing just that," explained TiVo senior vice president, GM, content and media sales, Tara Maitr. "No longer will television viewers need to leave their TV to search online to find what they just saw on HSN. Instead, they can pause their favourite shopping show and buy it directly through TiVo Central, all from the comfort of their home."

Added HSN executive vice president of affiliate marketing and sales, Peter Ruben: "[We are] excited to partner with the creators of the premier TV platform and to bring to our shared customer a fantastic TV shopping experience ... HSN Shop by Remote is a natural fit with TiVo's intuitive, highly user-friendly interface."