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Thread: Strong srt4930 wont boot after firmware update

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    Strong srt4930 wont boot after firmware update

    I have a Strong 4930 which I believe is a Middle eastern version Mytv receiver. Ihave a problem after loading the latest 165p software via Strong loader the unit will no longer bootup, it displays two lines across the front display then nothing else. I can access the USB bootscreen and do upgrades by pressing the power button on the front and powering the unit up, or via RS232.

    it accepts all updates of firmware but still does not boot up.

    Has anyone else had this problem before.

    The previous firmware loaded was 149p.

    I have tried DIFFERENT formware both patched and MYTV patched versions with no success.


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    Re: Strong srt4930 wont boot after firmware update

    Update receiver with orginal software SRT4930_ALL_165_20141008 , download from website of strong-technologies
    if receiver boot-up and no problem, use reset fac
    and then update with latest patch SRT4930_ALL_166p_20141014


    if receiver don't boot-up with Orginal-software. must to flash your receiver by Technicians ....

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