CMMB Vision to develop mobile multimedia standard amid US TV expansion
Rebecca Hawkes
| 22 October 2014
China's next generation of satellite-based mobile multimedia technology standard is to be developed under arrangement with Shanghai Jiaotong University, by CMMB Vision Holdings which has simultaneously announced plans to acquire more TV stations in the US.

The company has also partnered China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) to develop the Next Generation Broadcasting Wireless (NGB-W) standard, as well as its convergence with 4G/LTE to combine broadcasting with the flexible unicasting.

The standard will be adopted by CMMB's planned L-band satellite-based nationwide mobile multimedia platform.

"We believe that a wide adoption of the technology standard in the next generation of consumer devices [smartphones, tablets, car radios, mobile set-top boxes], if materialised, will help shorten product development cycle and accelerate the commercialisation of the company's proposed satellite service to over one billion mobile users in China, further promote the group's competitive advantage," said Charles (Chau-Chi) Wong, founder and president, CMMB Vision.

In addition to developments in China, CMMB has announced plans to acquire a TV station in Los Angeles for US$77.48 million, as well as those in six other cities (San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami and Tampa), plus an existing New York network. If achieved, the group claims it will have one of the largest UHF TV spectrum networks across the US, covering eight major cities and about 30% of TV households.

CMMB says it expects it initially operate as a free-to-air TV broadcasting network and eventually be transformed into a next generation mobile multimedia network and the largest such network in the US.