TV leads ad investment in Spain
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 22 October 2014
In a year predicted to see the start of recovery for the advertising sector in Spain, TV has emerged as the leader in a new scene in which the Internet also plays an important role.

According to the figures presented in the i2p report from consultancy firm Arce Media, advertising investment has generally improved during Q3, even showing growth in printed media, the sector most affected by the crisis.

TV investment between July and September increased 13.7% compared to same period in 2013, reaching €367 million, and TV is taking a bigger slice of the advertising market, with 46.2% of the entire investment.

Internet media, in which online video platforms are included, also show growth in Q3, nearing €100 million in investments in three months.

The year's figures since January seem to point to the market's recovery, even though players are emerging into a very different situation. Since the beginning of 2014, nearly €1,300 million has been invested in TV advertisement, both in free-to-air (FTA) and pay-TV, up 6.9% compared to 2013. The various online platforms have also been on the up since January and accumulated almost €300 million (up 3.1%).

The optimistic figures have driven Arce Media to give a positive prediction for 2015, anticipating an average growth of 4.2%. According to the company, the Internet will see the fastest growth, but TV will garner most of the investment, nearing €2,000 million.