EverSport.tv picks Aventus for live encoding, multiscreen packaging
| 22 October 2014
Online video broadcaster EverSport.tv has revealed that the live encoding and multiscreen packaging for its distribution of the 17th Asian Games was based on the Aventus iStreamPlanet solution.

During the Incheon Asian Games, which took place from 14 September–4 October 2014, EverSport delivered almost 1400 hours of live broadcasts via the web and online media devices to a global connected audience.

With the Aventus technology in place EverSport was able to provision, configure, test and deploy multiple live channels in a matter of days, taking advantage of critical path features including digital rights management, multiple format support and HD quality output. In addition to live encoding and multiscreen packaging via Aventus, EverSport relied on iStreamPlanet's live events team for content acquisition and ingest services to acquire the live Asian Games feeds. EverSport.tv says that it chose Aventus based on the service's advanced feature set, flexible pricing models and speed to market.

iStreamPlanet recently added new features to Aventus including support for Nielsen audience tracking, new telemetry metrics for tracking channel health and optimisations for RTMP ingest.