Accedo and Cloudio TV have announced a joint global partnership.

Cloudio TV, the cloud-based TV service, brings expats and diaspora communities their TV channels, and this for a continuously growing amount of communities, mainly from Asia and South America. The only requirement is an internet connection and one of the Cloudio TV family of connected TV apps.

The partnership with Cloudio TV expands Accedo’s growing portfolio of TV app partners. Accedo’s TV app partnership programme is a key element of Accedo’s TV App Management Solutions. Cloudio TV channels will be enabled in Accedo-provided TV app portals with Accedo’s new Cross-Platform ADK, which allows existing apps to easily run within those portals.

“We are pleased to add Cloudio TV to our growing TV app partner program,” said Lawrence Brickman, Accedo’s VP of Strategic Partnerships.

“Valuable content is a key element of a managed TV app offering, and diaspora content has been proven to be very valuable to audiences all over the world. Providing Cloudio TV’s diaspora content app is yet another way that Accedo is helping our customers grow their TV app offering revenue.”

David Vargas-Racero, CEO at Cloudio TV said: “We are pleased to be working with Accedo to bring our leading diaspora TV channel to multiple connected device and telecom platforms across continents worldwide. Accedo is known for exceptional user friendliness and it’s targeted content-customer match, something which is essential for a diaspora OTT service moving into a mass market. It is a real pleasure to work with Accedo and be a part of their global content distribution system.”