Globo licenses Brave Woman to Georgia
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 23 October 2014
Brazilian telenovelas continue to conquer markets worldwide, and now Globo has licensed Brave Woman to Georgia's Palitra TV.

laguerreraDrawing many different audiences to the small screen, Latin American soap operas usually signal success for a network, and for years, viewers in Georgia have been watching Globo's telenovelas, such as Brazil Avenue, Gabriela and The Illusionist, which won an Emmy in 2012.

Now, the recently launched Georgian channel will broadcast the saga of a young woman, Morena (Nanda Costa from Seize the Day), who is the victim of a human trafficking ring. Brave Woman was written by Gloria Perez and the cast includes Giovanna Antonelli as the police officer who helps the main character in her plight.

In Brazil, Brave Woman aired on Globo's prime time with an average 65% share according to Ibope figures, also achieving good ratings on Teledoce in Uruguay, and Channel 13 in Chile. The soap opera was also broadcast in Portugal, on SIC, and some African countries.

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