Argentina preps cable TV awards
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 25 October 2014
With the aim of promoting national productions and the regional integration through communication technologies, Argentina's Premios a la Televisión por Cable, organised by the country's cable TV association (ATVC), will be held next week.

The awards, which will take place on 29 October, will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of cable TV in the country.

"Fifty years ago this adventure started in small areas in Argentina and today it generates work for over 20,000 families,” said Walter Burzaco, ATVC's president.

“Today we have over 600 local cable signals, space for 1,000 independent producers and schools for communicators and journalists.”

The awards will see the participation of more than 500 Argentinian companies, which have already signed up for the event. The prizes are divided into 12 categories: documentary, news, opinion, education, sports, general interest, music, children, cultural, fiction, promotional and agriculture.

The judging panel consists of Eliseo Álvarez, Hugo E. Grimaldi, Alejandro Fabbri, Antonio Tarragó Ros, Alfredo Leuco, Federico Guerra, Silvia Hopenhayn, Luis Cuelle, Aldana Duhalde, Roberto Vacca and Carlos Acosta. inShare0