Latin American DVR habits leave the cloud-recording door open
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 25 October 2014
The opportunity for cloud-based recording in Latin America is increasing thanks to the extreme usage patterns at place in the region.

In effect there are two types of DVR user: those with limited space on their DVR, in which they record their favourite shows on TV; and another big group, which considers itself a light user, consuming around the half of the average recording space offered.

In the disparity companies such as ARRIS are proposing more flexible recording services, such as nDVR (Networks DVR or cloud-recording).

According to research carried out by the company, 62% of DVR users in Latin America had to delete content at some point to record new material, three-quarters expressing frustraton when this happened. Just over three-fifths of of DVR users said they would prefer a larger and free storage capacity in exchange of having to watch advertisements and while a fifth of Latin Americans use the all of the available space, the rest use around the half of it, recording less than 5,000 minutes.

Regarding content, a small portion of the schedule represents two-thirds of the whole recording material, most of which also corresponds to shows broadcast during the previous week. Around a fifth of DVR users also recognised they record content they never see again.

For ARRIS, the DVR consumption habits in the region call for a more flexible support which could be offered through cloud-recording, which could also provide monetisation solutions for pay-TV operators and advertisers. A more efficient use of storage resources which are not fully used in most cases could also be achieved with a cloud system, as the viewers could use or subscribe the capacity their need.