Just 15 months after the launch of Google Chromecast, a second version is on the way.

Speaking at Gigaom’s Structure Connect conference this week Google VP of product management Mario Queiroz said the company was very happy with how fast Chromecast had reached consumers and particularly with usage levels.

At Google IO in July it was announced users had tapped the cast button 400 million times; a few days ago the figure had risen to 650 million times. Developer adoption is also on the rise; 6,000 developers are building more than 10,000 apps for the Google Cast ecosystem.

Queiroz clarified the link between Chromecast and Android TV. “With Android TV, it’s a platform and the Nexus player is a showcase of how that platform can be used. If a TV OEM wants to built an operating system into the TV and bring a platform of entertainment and applications, Android is a great way of doing that,” said Queiroz. “There will be a second version of Chromecast in the future. We’re building an ecosystem of different endpoints and applications that can send content to those endpoint”.

He said that the same interaction model could be used on both Chromecast and Android TV.