Two in five Poles (42%) would like to watch programmes on TV sets with access to the internet, according to a report undertaken by Market Research for UPC Polska, the country’s leading cable operator.

Based on the findings of a poll of a representative sample aged 15-50, the report adds that apart from TV sets, Poles with increasing frequency chose laptops (62%), with private businessmen as leaders in this trend (86%). However, more than 50% of manual employees and farmers also expressed desire for such access to TV content.

Over half (53%) of the young generation (19-24 years of age) wants to watch TV on smartphones and 49% on tablets. More interestingly, women not men more frequently declare they want to watch TV on mobile devices (40% versus 28%).

The report also finds that mobility is gaining in importance. This June, when research for the report was carried out, UPC Polska introduced the mobile Horizon and the findings show that 89% of Poles see the benefits of such a service.

Again, women are more enthusiastic about mobile TV than men, appreciating primarily the comfort (67%) and time saving characteristic (40%) of such services.

Other findings included that more than two-thirds of Poles aged 15-50 talked on the phone while watching TV (69%), received or sent SMSs or MMSs (66%) or used the computer (67%).

Furthermore, 16% of Poles comment on watched programmes on social media or an internet forum. The youngest (15-18 years of age) lead in commenting TV content (36%).