DTG Testing has launched the world’s first Ultra HD product testing zoo with a 4K HDMI interoperability plugfest.

The members only event brought together retail 4K TVs from 10 different manufacturers, set-top boxes, an upscaling Blu-Ray player, an AV receiver and testing equipment from two providers.

Participants tested different combinations of outputs and 4K resolutions, framerate and bit depth to build a picture of which HDMI features were supported.

“This event marks the beginning in a new era of testing facilities at the Digital TV Group and we look forward to further collaboration with industry to create a thriving 4K Ultra HD ecosystem in the UK, said Simon Gauntlett, chief technology officer at the DTG.

UK broadcasters also sent observers to assess the current state of technology development.

The findings are now being collated to investigate whether interoperability guidelines can be improved in the future.