New TVE chief halts Teledeporte closure

Only days after his appointment, TVE's new president José Antonio Sánchez has postponed the closure of the public sports network Teledeporte which was due to be taken off air on 31 December 2014.

According to ABC, the money-saving measures proposed by former company president Leopoldo González-Echenique won't be implemented by Sánchez who is likely to propose other solutions for TVE's financial problems. ABC referred to rumours last week about a return to private advertising, which was banned in 2010.

González-Echenique's plan was to close Teledeporte, integrate its content into La 2, but keep the channel on-air through the network's streaming platform. According to the former president, this would have saved around €10 million a year while concentrating the audience (Teledeporte has an average 0.7% share, although it reaches 6-7% rates with its regular broadcasts).

The closure of Teledeporte was one of the most controversial decisions by González-Echenique in his last year at TVE, and was a factor in his resignation two weeks ago. Many sporting associations and federations have also recently shown their disapproval of the plan.