Multiscreen advertising catches up with viewing habits
Michelle Clancy
| 28 October 2014
Multiscreen viewing habits are beginning to affect how brands build ad campaigns, with advertisers increasingly running campaigns across multiple devices including PCs, mobile and connected TV, says research from Videology.

154328-INFOThe video advertising platform provider's Third Quarter US Video Market At-A-Glance report shows that 35% of all US online video ad campaigns its network ran on more than one screen (eg, PC and mobile), representing a 59% increase quarter-over-quarter. More specifically, campaigns running together on PC and mobile devices increased from 17% in Q2 to 25% in Q3, and campaigns running together on PC, mobile and connected TV jumped from 5% to 10% quarter-over-quarter.

"In this fragmented media world, it's clear that marketers see the value in using data to reach their consumers across the many screens they're interacting with each day," said Scott Ferber, Videology chairman and CEO. "The growth in cross-screen campaigns validates this trend, and is further proof that advertisers are seeing enhanced performance in reaching consumers across multiple devices."

The study also found that 91% of video campaigns were bought in a guaranteed, TV-like fashion (as opposed to real-time bidding); but there was a 32% quarter-over-quarter increase in the share of advanced ad formats that are domain-targeted, behavioural-targeted and so on.

Content-wise, 39% of impressions on the platform landed on news websites more than double the share year-over-year (news accounted for just 15% in Q 2013). Also, 64% of all ads in the third quarter were 15-second spots; although there was a 19% increase in the share of 30-second ads quarter-over-quarter.