Youfeelm takes VOD to Spanish cinemas
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 28 October 2014
Youfeelm is taking video-on-demand (VOD) to Spanish cinemas with the intention of launching a regular service in early 2015.

youfeelmThrough the platform's website and social media networks, users can register in groups and request the latest blockbusters where and when they want, thus avoiding having to wait to see the newest movies in smaller cinemas and cities.

The details of the agreements with various Spanish cinema companies and distributors have not been disclosed, but Youfeelm says the service has already been tested and many users have shown interest in the initiative. The platform also includes independent movies and films from new directors from both Spain and internationally.

The VOD platform is supported by Telefónica and a number of public institutions and intends to regenerate the consumption of films in Spanish cinemas.

The company is currently looking for creators who want to promote films on the network, distributors to deliver their catalogue on-demand and cinema companies to include their venues in this new initiative.