Orange to deliver TV everywhere to Spanish mobile customers
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 28 October 2014
Following disappointing results for its pay-TV platform in Spain, Orange plans to extend the service through its mobile network, through which the French telco gathers most of its customer base.

Mobile clients will be able to subscribe to the TV everywhere service through the company's convergent packages, considerably reducing the price for the content, which is available for Samsung and LG smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and computers.

Aiming to increase data consumption, Orange will deliver the TV package with one extra GB for both 3G and 4G services. Mobile clients will have to pay extra 6 during the first days of the promotion - 12 afterwards - to get the data and entire TV schedule.

The platform, which has been operating in Spain since 2006 but has no more than 100,000 subs, has been trying to take off over the last year by adding new channels, new devices as well as smart and TV everywhere features.

The service includes 33 networks, many of which are in HD, such as Fox, AXN, Calle 13, TNT, Paramount Comedy, Syfy, Fox Crime, Cosmo, National Geographic and BBC World. In addition, it offers a catch-up service which allows users to watch any programme on-demand 15 days after its broadcast and a video-on-demand (VOD) library with over 600 films and series.