The turnover with products and services from information technology, telecommunications and consumer electronics is expected to rise this year in Germany by 1.6% to a total of 153.4 billion euros, reports German industry association BITKOM with reference to market research conducted by the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO).

The downturn of the PC market will come to an end while the growth of smartphones and tablet sales will slow down.

The business with IT hardware and software will grow by almost 6% each while the turnover in the areas of consumer electronics, telecommunications services and telecommunications hardware will slightly decrease.

The TV set business will remain stable due to technological innovations like Ultra HD and positive impact of the FIFA Football World Championship. Games consoles sales will strongly grow with a turnover increase of 25%.

Regarding employment, BITKOM expects a rise by 10,000 jobs and a new record figure of 953,000 people working in the German IT, telecommunications and consumer electronics industry by the end of 2014.