Astro adds CCM to bouquet in Malaysia, Brunei
Rebecca Hawkes
| 30 October 2014
Chinese film channel Celestial Classic Movies (CCM) is to launch on Malaysia's Astro satellite platform and Kristal Astro in Brunei in November.

CCM's movies will include Bahasa Malaysia subtitles for the 4.2 million potential new homes reached through the deal which sees CCM now available "in almost every country in Southeast Asia", according to the channel's operator Celestial Tiger Entertainment (CTE).

Pay-TV operator Astro already carries CTE's flagship channels Celestial Movies, Celestial Movies HD and KIX HD.

"Leveraging on the strength of our long-standing relationship with CTE, we are confident that CCM will resonate among our customers especially those who enjoys classics. CCM will be available on our basic Family Pack starting on 16 November 2014," said Choo Chi Han, vice president of Chinese customer business, Astro.

Ofanny Choi, executive vice president, TV networks, CTE, added: "We are glad that Astro agrees with us on the potential of CCM, particularly the vast line-up of Kung Fu movies, to reach beyond the Chinese segment and cater to a broader audience in Malaysia and Brunei."

CCM offers subscribers digitally re-mastered Chinese classics from the Shaw Brothers Film Library, in addition to other movie libraries, with Kung Fu blockbusters The One-Armed Swordsman, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Come Drink With Me, and Blood Brothers among those offered.