Argentina introduces new audience measurement
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 30 October 2014
Following testing during recent weeks, Argentina's public audience tool Sistema Federal de Medición de Audiencias (Sifema) is now working throughout the country, competing with the Brazilian company Ibope.

audienceAccording to Marcelo Escolar, president of the Pascal programme which developed the tool, speaking to national news bureau Telam, the new service aims to increase audience measurement coverage, analysing all types of viewer to deliver new figures and enable data comparison.

"It's not only about measuring ratings, we are interested in programmes' quality and the type of audience connecting to each programme," said Escolar. "We even intend to deliver figures related to social networks and second-screen activity."

The service, which will add new features during 2015, will measure the TV habits of 18 million Argentineans by the end of next year, five more million than Ibope currently covers.

"But Sifema and Ibope are nearly the same, methodologically speaking," explained Escolar, although the Brazilian company leaves some population sectors out of its measurements. Sifema measures the entire viewing audience 24/7 through a network of new devices, while Ibope analyses the TV habits from 12pm to 2 am, without looking at the richest and poorest segments of society.