Seven countries account for 96% of LATAM HD subs
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 30 October 2014
Latin America's seven largest markets have grabbed most of the HD subscribers in the region, as well as having a large proportion of available pay-TV and free-to-air (FTA) offers.

According to Evolution of HD Channels Offering in Latin America, the fourth report from Dataxis analysing the progress of high definition TV in the region, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela accounted for 95.75% of all HD subscribers in LATAM as of Q1 2014.

The region's seven largest markets gather almost 14 million HD subscribers, with Brazil having 63.5% of them, followed by Mexico and Argentina, which completes the top three with the most HD subs in Latin America.

Looking to the available HD offers, these markets had a total of 196 HD networks by July 2014, 149 of them being distributed through pay-TV operators and 47 FTA.

Argentina has the most pay-TV operators including an HD offer, with 18, followed by Brazil (17), Mexico (13), Chile (11), Colombia (six) and Venezuela and Peru with four each. As to available channels, the ranking is topped by Mexico, with an average of 37 HD channels, followed by Brazil (36), Colombia (33), Peru (30), Chile (25), Argentina (20) and Venezuela (17).

Globo and Time Warner are the two content owners with the highest number of channels produced and released - 12.5% each - followed by the US' News Corp with 9.87% and DirecTV with 7.89%.