Polandís National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) has decided to allocate the public broadcaster TVP three slots on the upcoming eighth multiplex (MUX-8), with the remaining four slots to be awarded to other services following a contest.

Furthermore, reports to Wirtualne Media, it has also decided that all the channels on the multiplex will be free-to-view services.

TVP will be allowed to distribute three SD services, or one HD and one SD service, on MUX-8.

However, none of those channels will be allowed to be the same as those already offered by TVP on the third (MUX-3) or first (MUX-1) multiplexes.

The tender for the four remaining slots is expected to attract bids from Ė amongst others Ė Cyfrowy Polsat, Agora, Discovery Polska and ITI Neovision.

At the same time, POT, the resurrected consortium of Polsat and TVN, could bid for the multiplex operatorís licence.

The whole licensing procedure for MUX-8 is likely to be concluded by the middle of next year.