Telenor has announced plans to switch off its analogue cable service during 2015.

Canal Digital Kabel-tv says it sees the need to offer a standalone internet product in the future and there is no good technical solution available to block analogue signals for internet customers.

Around 100,000 customers are likely to be affected by the move.

“We need to ensure that these customers, and not all of them are happy about this, are getting a good offer to choose the digital solution going forward,” a Telenor spokesperson told Broadband TV News. “However we do see that the demand for internet only, on the other side, is emerging, and that is a second customer segment we need to take seriously. “

In recent years Canal Digital Kabel-tv has been modernising both its infrastructure and product range. In 2013 it launched the new interactive platform, T-We, together with new set-up-boxes, and a new advanced set-top box.

It is also upgrading its HFC infrastructure to run the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard.

Relatively few European cable operators have switched off analogue. Dutch cable operator CAIWay switched off analogue in November 2011 and the UK’s Virgin Media made the switch the following January.

Compelled by legislation, Finland switched off analogue in 2008.