Afghan DTH platform planned by Yahlive, Alef, SVS
Rebecca Hawkes
| 31 October 2014
A new direct-to-home (DTH) satellite TV platform is to be launched in Afghanistan, by a consortium comprising UAE's Yahlive, Alef Technology and SVS Satellite Systems.

To be designed and integrated by SVS, the DTH platform will be operated by Alef Technology to support the transmission of both standard and high definition (HD) TV channels over the Yasat 1A satellite. Alef Technology will deliver uplink services for channels exclusively to Yahlive and boost the DTH platform services available to Yahlive from Afghanistan.

"We are pleased to have found a collective uplink solution in Afghanistan, enabling better signal quality for the Afghani broadcasters, which previously used just a single carrier per channel (SCPC) to uplink their channels. The solution has been welcomed by our customers, which will not only provide the terrestrial stations with a strong signal but also provide an excellent signal to all households wanting to receive a great DTH offering," said Magnus Simons, senior director of business development, Yahlive.

Yahlive's East beam now offers almost 100 channels, with around half of them in Dari and Farsi, Simons added.

Andrew Kaszubski, CEO, Alef Technology, added: "This strategic partnership will help to bring a new level of connectivity solutions and comprehensive coverage to customers in the region. The new teleport will enable us to offer existing and new customers enhanced services, complimenting Alef's current portfolio."

Abdullah Saglam, general manager, SVS, also welcomed the collaboration with Alef Technology and Yahlive. "We are delighted to be able to strengthen and to continue supplying DTH earth stations in the Middle East for various satellite operators," he said.