AOL, Australia's MCN partner on programmatic ad marketplace
Michelle Clancy
| 31 October 2014
AOL Platforms and Multi Channel Network (MCN) have announced a pilot of an integrated, programmatic private marketplace for television.

The platform will enable advertisers and agencies to perform targeted, data-driven audience buying, and deliver analytics and insights for dynamic campaign optimisation across 70 subscription television channels from Foxtel, FOX SPORTS, BBC, Discovery, NBCUniversal, FOX International Channels, Viacom, Sky News and others.

The move is designed to greatly advance the $4 billion TV industry in Australia towards unified ad sales across TV and digital screens.

"Australia is a burgeoning market that has been ahead of the programmatic trend, particularly in video," said Dan Ackerman, head of programmatic TV at AOL Platforms. "MCN fully understands the shift occurring in our industry and, through our partnership with them, is putting a stake in the ground as a leader in moving the TV industry forward towards its inevitable converged future with digital through data-driven audience buying. We look forward to continuing to innovate alongside them and delivering on that vision through an advanced technology platform."

The automated marketplace will be powered by, AOL Platforms' programmatic video platform that it bought last year, and will use MCN's Multiview data, Australia's largest TV audience measurement panel. Multiview uses return-path-data aggregated from 110,000 anonymous homes.