VSN to manage video for Saudi Arabian Airlines
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 31 October 2014
Saudi Arabian Airlines is utilising Spain's VSN to manage its huge collection of videos in various formats (magnetic tapes, U-matic, VHS, Betacams) and resource materials related to flying courses, take-offs and landings, pilots' interviews, photographs and engineering documents.

vsnVSN's multimedia asset management (MAM) suite aims to improve Saudi Arabian Airlines' managing and storage workflow to make the edited content easy for workers to access, so it can be used and catalogued.

Content will be stored, catalogued and easily recovered in an 84Tb FC storage system. The project includes workflow integration with the MAM already owned by the company, so all content can be migrated to the new VSN system in a simple and reliable way.

"VSN's performance as a service provider and technological consultant has been outstanding and it has given us the perfect solution to manage our wide multimedia archive," explained Essam Hab Alreeh, audiovisual systems design manager at Saudi Arabian Airlines. "We have successfully implemented VSNExplorer and received the proper training by their engineers both at VSN's HQ in Barcelona and at our own facilities."

Saudi Arabia's national airline is located in Jeddah, from where it operates to a wide range of destinations in Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The company has a fleet of more than 140 airplanes and around 35,000 employees.