Grey Juice, Globetek team up for multiscreen VOD in LATAM
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 31 October 2014
Looking to deliver video-on-demand (VOD) content aggregation and digital multiscreen delivery solutions in Latin America, Grey Juice Lab and Globetek Media have announced a strategic alliance in the region.

While a growing number of companies in Latin America are entering the VOD space for the first time or looking to replace their offer with a more appealing catalogue and positioning, the alliance between Grey Juice and Globetek aims to provide an efficient turnkey solution, with the former being responsible for the technology and the consultancy firm helping reach potential customers across the region.

Globetek Media has a strong footprint in digital TV services in Latin America, and the collaboration is already experiencing strong demand for on-demand delivery solutions that optimise the value of a premium content strategy.

"Today there are a number of major regional on-demand services competing with a growing number of national on-demand services in the Latin America region," explained Mihai Crasneanu, CEO of Grey Juice Lab. "In this highly competitive environment, the key to winning is having the right content strategy. The alliance between Grey Juice Lab and Globetek Media brings each company's strengths to a larger number of decision-makers faster."

"Globetek Media is delighted to partner with Grey Juice Lab to offer content aggregation services in Latin America," added Yefim Nivoro, founder and CEO of Globetek Media. "We are advising an extensive network of top tier cable, telco, broadcast, mobile and OTT operators regarding on-demand business planning, and we partnered with Grey Juice Lab because they add significant value to the on-demand business proposition."